Monday, April 25, 2011

Why do you want to work in a call center?

I would like to answer that question in my own perspective, well I prefer to work in a call center for two reasons, mainly the first one would be for monetary reason where working in a call center will have you get a high salary (though not really that high)but still its above other jobs that only requires you to have a good communication skills and that is where my second reason goes, i am really into communication since childhood and i love talking to everyone usually on the phone when i really enjoyed it during those times well i love getting to know other peoples thought and how they are feeling *you know* its not kinda big deal but i am amaze of how other people reacts and interacts....and it's a best way for me to support my family expenses ,this is the easiest job for me you just have to sit all night and listen to clients concerns sometimes they are irate but it's not a big deal for me it's a challenge for ma anyway.. and also some of my friends do work in a call center they influence me for applying in a call center , And it's a good choice working in this industry their are some fresh graduates looking for a job this the best job to be with ,And Call centers also provides good amenities such as sleeping quarters and recreation areas we all know we work at night and the industry knew it so they provide this for the safety of it's employees or agents they also provides good benefits to it's employees so that's why i choose to work in a call center..

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